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Jaw numbness can be caused by nerve damage. Each time you feel changes in your ability to feel, it’s always something serious unless the numbness resolves quickly and doesn’t cause lasting side effects. It means that your condition has to be evaluated by your dentist and physician.

If you’re experiencing jaw numbness, several things could cause it. But it’s most likely caused by damage to the nerve in that area. Now, if the numbness doesn’t resolve immediately and if it persists, you should contact your physician or dentist as soon as possible.

Apart from numbness, there could be other concerns that might be bothersome. For example, in addition to the numbness, you might have difficulty moving a part of your face or there are changes in your face’s symmetry. It could also be that pain accompanies the numbness.

To know for sure what’s really causing the numbness, you should visit your dentist or physician for a thorough evaluation. Medication may be prescribed. But your dentist may need to know your past medical history and perform a physical examination. Your health care provider may also review the other parts of your body that may be affected.

The causes of jaw numbness can be simple, and it can be resolved by just taking care of you. However, it’s always essential that you speak with your dentist. It’s especially vital if the numbness persists or it has spread to other parts.

Jaw Numbness

Your nerves carry sensation to your jaw and face. In some cases, the numbness is a result of a minor problem. But it can also be a serious medical problem that must be evaluated by your doctor. One of the leading causes of jaw numbness is cancer. The loss of sensation in this area can be one of the symptoms of a certain form of cancer.

In several studies, the survival of cancer patients diagnosed of jaw numbness is only one year. One of the types of cancers that may result in jaw numb is metastatic breast cancer. It may also be a symptom of lymphoma.

Prostate and lung malignant tumors can result in numbness of the jaw.


The numbness in this area may be caused by a damaged resulting in a motor vehicle accident, for example. Or it could be the outcome of a tooth extraction that causes damage to the inferior alveolar nerve. If this nerve is damaged, it can affect the mental nerve, which causes numbness in the lower jaw and chin.

Any abscess in the lower gums can result in neuropathy of the inferior alveolar nerve or mental nerve.

Multiple sclerosis

It can also be a symptom of multiple sclerosis. It’s a disease that affects the myelin sheath of the nerves. In addition to jaw numbness, other symptoms may arise, such as paralysis, vision loss, and sensory loss.

The information we provide here is for general informational purposes only. If you experience jaw numbness, contact your dentist or physician ASAP as the cause can be severe and may be life-threatening or you may visit Dr. Brett Nielsen at

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