Dentures for Smiling Confidently

Dentures are artificial teeth that replace your original teeth. Dentures help you chew food properly and speak clearly and above all, dentures restore your confident smile. You can replace your entire teeth with dentures or you can replace only the missing teeth keeping the remaining healthy ones.

Thanks to technology you can get your dentures fixed as soon as you have your teeth removed, so you don’t have to stay toothless waiting for dentures. All you need to do is visit a dentist or a prosthodontist and get the measurements and impression of your mouth. Dentists usually recommend a time period for allowing the gums and bones to heal as they tend to shrink after the teeth have been removed. Giving gums the time to heal will ensure you have comfortably fitting dentures.

Another thing you need to be aware of is that you will need some practice before getting comfortable with dentures, especially while eating. Some food items like chewing gums have to be avoided as these can damage the dentures. Initially, when the dentures are fitted you will experience pain and discomfort but this will dissipate in a couple of day’s time.

DenturesTypes of Dentures

There are two types of dentures:

Partial dentures

These types of dentures don’t replace the entire set of teeth. These dentures are meant for patients who have lost only part of their teeth. They not only fill the gap created by the missing teeth but make sure that your remaining teeth stay unaffected and in good condition.

Who needs partial dentures?

When you have missing teeth and do not get partial dentures the remaining healthy teeth will start decaying much more quickly. Aging people get the most benefit out of partial dentures because as we age we begin to lose our teeth and partial dentures can prolong the life of the remaining teeth.

Losing a few teeth in accidents is a common occurrence. But with partial dentures, you can restore your smile very quickly.

Complete Dentures

When you lose all your teeth you will need complete dentures. With the loss of all of your teeth, speaking and eating may be difficult, but complete dentures will tackle all those issues. Complete dentures will support your cheeks and lips which prevent the sagging of facial muscles which in turn will make you look young and confident again.

Who needs complete dentures?

Oral diseases can lead to total teeth loss. Lack of proper dental care is the main reason for mouth diseases. You can get a complete set of dentures even if you have lost all your teeth.

Old-age can lead to total teeth loss even if you follow a regular hygienic oral care routine. You don’t have to worry when this happens because your dentist can get you complete dentures in no time.

Denture care

Although dentures are artificial, they too require proper care. Being made of plastic, dentures are not possible to whiten. Therefore, it is crucial to reduce staining.

Daily oral care and cleaning of a new denture are essential to help promote good dental health. Brushing your denture with a soft toothbrush and mild soap will stop the dentures from becoming stained permanently. You can also soak the dentures overnight in a denture cleaning solution. In case of stubborn stains, your dentist can help you remove them at the dental office.

Routine dental check-ups and regular, professional cleaning of your dentures are very significant for maintaining the health and life of your teeth and gums. Visits to the dental office let your dentist do a check-up of the soft parts of your mouth, including the tongue and cheeks. These oral check-ups are necessary in order to find any infections, sores, or any other damages caused due to the dentures. You can speak with your dental team to know how often you should visit your dentist.

With proper care, dentures can last for several years. After some time you may need to redo the dentures because your jaws and gums can shrink and change shape over the years. Ill-fitting dentures can lead to sores and infections and can cause discomfort while chewing and speaking. Therefore, when your dentures feel uncomfortable to get them replaced immediately.

With routine professional care, oral hygiene, and determination you can carry your beautiful and confident smile for a very long time.

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