Fluoride Treatment to Fight Tooth Decay

Fluoride is the enamel coating on our teeth which is natural insulation that protects our teeth from tooth decay and from forming cavities. But lack of proper dental hygiene and too much sugar can cause the enamel on your teeth to erode.

This makes your teeth vulnerable to bacteria and cavities. But with regular fluoride treatments, you can restore the enamel on your teeth. Fluoride treatments are especially beneficial for children because it helps them develop healthy teeth.

How much do you know about fluoride?

Fluoride is a natural mineral that is found in small quantities in food, water, and toothpaste. Fluorides help to toughen the tooth enamel and treat the cavities in the tooth by restoring the nutrients that have been lost over time. After a fluoride treatment, our teeth become more resistant to acid, which prevents teeth decay.

What are the benefits of fluoride treatment?

The most obvious benefit is that it helps prevent tooth decay.

  • Fluoride treatments are particularly vital for young children under age six. Even if they do not yet have their permanent teeth, fluoride treatments can avert bacteria accumulation around the gums, fight gum diseases like gingivitis, and help create lasting dental health.
  • Fluoride treatments are a must if you wear braces because it prevents bacteria from accumulating under the wires.
  • Fluoride treatments are recommended for people who have white spots on their teeth. The white spots are regions on the teeth where demineralization has occurred. With fluoride treatment the minerals are distributed evenly and the white spots disappear.
  • It can be beneficial to people who are more susceptible to developing cavities. The fluoride will make their teeth sturdier, so the extra shield will help safeguard your teeth and preserve their health.
  • Since radiation can damage the salivary glands, cancer patients also need to undergo regular fluoride treatments. Saliva is responsible for protecting your teeth from the acidic food that you consume, so when enough saliva is not produced your teeth are prone to tooth decay.

The different types of fluoride treatments

At home

Use toothpaste that has fluoride in it. You can also purchase fluoride gels. You can apply the gel directly to your teeth and let it rest for a few minutes, then gargle with water. Refrain from eating or drinking for 30 minutes after application.

At the dentist clinic

Professional dental treatments are available at your dental clinic. You will be given a mouth guard containing concentrated fluoride to wear for approximately four minutes. Alternatively, the dentist may use foam or varnish which will be applied directly onto your teeth. In this case, also you will not be allowed to eat or drink for half an hour.

Fluoride therapy for children

Before deciding on fluoride treatment for your children consult your dentist. These treatments are good for children but do have risks. Fluoride treatments should be administered by a dentist. If children have too much fluoride in their system it can lead to fluorosis, a condition in which the teeth turn brown and eventually decays. Children should use fluoride toothpaste for approximately twice a day.

Children commonly have a sweet tooth and eat too much sugar. This can lead to early tooth decay, in which case your dentist will suggest fluoride supplements to prevent cavities and toughen the enamel. But make sure your kids don’t overdo the supplements which is why you need to keep the supplements out of reach of children.

Studies have shown that when done regularly, fluoride treatments can reduce the chances of tooth decay, particularly in young children.

It is essential to ensure that your teeth have enough fluoride so that you don’t develop cavities. Adults need to brush their teeth twice every day with a fluoride paste. Go for regular dental checkups to ensure that your teeth are in good condition. Dentists suggest a dental checkup every nine months.

To know more about fluoride treatments and supplements give us a call or make an appointment.

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